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After long time working the furnace wall and bottom will gradually deposit a lot of slag thus reducing the effective volume of the furnace and reducing production efficiency The traditional method of cleaning furnace is to remove the slag block mechanically with tools such as steel rod manually after the furnace is cooled which is time consuming and troublesome This product …

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The slag which has entered the electric slag smelting furnace 10 is kept heated with the heat generated by the heat fed in through electrodes 15 and when necessary mixed as with lumps of ore and flux introduced into the electric slag cleaning furnace 10 with the result that the copper component is further allowed to settle to the bottom of the furnace and the slag containing a …

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Fuel Preheated Air1 Fluxing Agents Reverts Air Copper Scrap Air Reducing Gas/Fuel Flash Furnace Slag Matte Matte Slag ] L Converter Blister T Copper Slag Anode Furnace Anode Copper Off Gases to Waste Heat •^•Boiler and Sulfur Recovery El ectri c Cleaning Slag Furnace f Gases to Scrubber Slag to Dump Off Gases to Sulfur Recovery Off Gases Casting Wheel …

Reductive sulfurizing smelting treatment of smelter slag

duration on cleaning efficiency of copper cobalt smelter slag Furthermore the phase compositions and microstructure of smelting products were investigated by XRD and SEM EDS as well 2 Experimental Materials Copper cobalt smelter slag used in the experiments obtained from flash smelting slag dump in Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co LTD

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§ What emissions limitations and work practice standards must I meet for my copper concentrate dryers smelting furnaces slag cleaning vessels and copper converter departments a Copper concentrate dryers For each copper concentrate dryer you must comply with the emission limitation in paragraph a 1 or 2 of this section that applies to you

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The liquid slag flows into slag pots 25 or into slag pits not shown and the liquid iron flows into refractory lined ladles 26 known as torpedo cars or sub cars due to their shape When the liquids in the furnace are drained down to taphole level some of the blast from the tuyeres causes the taphole to spit

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The products of lead slag cleaning ina pilot TSL furnace include the recovered metals like Zn Pb dust and copper matte as well as an inert silicate slag Chemical composition of the cleaned slags [wt %] The final content of non ferrous metals in the slag decreased with increasing process temperature addition of the reducer and the reduction time and during the most …

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 · Induction furnace cleaning of copper slag slag cleaning furnace copper rich oxide slags are melted in electric arc furnace where coke and copper pyrite are added to reduce the copper content in the slag in order to increase the reaction rate the slag are over heated producing low viscosity aggressive slag ultrafine grinding mill machines Details Metal …


Effective slag removal furnaces used in copper foundries Foseco offers a complete range of crucibles for all of these furnaces Coreless induction melting Safer and cleaner working environment Improved metallurgical properties BLU RAM HS ready to use lining

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Slag from many early i contained so much reworkable iron that some of the slag heaps were later mined and remelted Slag from many early to mid 19th century Vermont bloorn­ ery sites is likewise dark and heavy loaded wilh wasted iron Not shiny and light in weight like slag from blast furnaces


Concentrate and oxygen enriched air 30 35% O2 enter the smelting furnace through vertical lances and are smelted to produce a matte of 65% to 69% Cu and low copper slag Fuel must be burned to satisfy the heat balance in the smelter …


Abstract In this work extraction of copper and iron from a reverberatory furnace slag was studied A two step extraction procedure was followed The first step was roasting of the slag in the presence of sulphuric acid at temperatures between 150 and 800 oC The second step was leaching of the resulting calcine with distilled water The maximum copper extraction of about …

Extractive Metallurgy of Copper

2022 09 19 · Smelting Furnace Details Electric Slag Cleaning Furnace Details Converting Furnace Details Capture And Fixation Of Sulfur focusing mainly on sulfuric acid plant design and operations with some work in copper smelting off gas handling and steam systems design

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depending upon the slag volume in the furnace and the working power of the furnace The matte tapping temperature varied between 1150 and 1250°C over the same period On a subsequent occasion temperatures in the slag were measured at various positions and these are shown in Figure 1 The temperature in the slag is highest near the electrode and …

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Furnace Sidewall Cooling TENOVA Slag Cleaning Furnace In this furnace copper rich oxide slags are melted in electric arc furnaces and coke copper pyrite are added to reduce copper content in the slag In order to increase reaction rate slag is over heated to produce low viscosity aggressive slag Get price

Cleaning of a copper matte smelting slag from a water

2022 09 07 · Cleaning experiments of a copper matte smelting slag from the water jacket furnace was undertaken by direct reduction in a laboratory scale electric furnace The effects of coal to slag ratio w and the reduction time t were considered for two different coal/slag mixing procedures In the first procedure metallurgical coal was added to the

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in slag cleaning furnaces and the second type being the mineral processing based slag cleaning of solidified or granulated slag by crush ing and/or grinding followed by gravity concentration or froth flotation Davenport et al 2022 Pyrometallurgical cleaning of copper slags involves inducing condi tions that encourage suspended matte Cu2S droplets to settle …

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Copper slag contains iron in the range of 42 to 45% which can be recovered and recycled along with the contained copper to obtain an iron copper alloy and a final slag rich in oxides Therefore the present work shows the experimental results of the reduction of a Flash Smelting slag by using coke as reductant up to 150% of the stoichiometric carbon required to reduce …

Refining of blister copper

The slag from fire refining in acid furnace contains 15 40010 SiO2 5 10° Fe as silicates and ferrites and oxides of zinc nickel etc The copper content of slag is 35 45°° remainder as metal drops The slag from fire refining in basic furnace contains 50 …

induction furnace cleaning of copper slag

Slag Cleaning Furnace In this furnace copper rich oxide slags are melted in electric arc furnaces and coke copper pyrite are added to reduce copper content in the slag In order to increase reaction rate slag is over heated to produce low viscosity aggressive slag Get price IAS Shaft furnace is high efficiency equipment with high heat availability factor of fuel …

Integration of Open Slag Bath Furnace with Direct

The present paper illustrates an innovative steel processing route developed by employing hydrogen direct reduced pellets and an open slag bath furnace The paper illustrates the direct reduction reactor employing hydrogen as reductant on an industrial scale The solution allows for the production of steel from blast furnace pellets transformed in the direct reduction reactor

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In a first furnace slag was molten in a chamber by means of a natural gas burner Then the slag was tapped continuously into the DC channel type slag cleaning unit The first results exceeded SMS Demag s and UDC expectations Occasionally the copper content in the slag could be reduced down to < 0 4% depending on the original slag copper

Smelting applications of DC furnaces

3 Cobalt recovery from non ferrous slags •The recovery of cobalt from copper discard slags was investigated from the 1980s •Problem to be solved Recover cobalt from its oxidized form in slag •Piloted at Mintek at 2MW in 1999 •40MW DC furnace in operation at Chambishi in Zambia in 2022 •First commercial DC smelting furnace to use

Copper Recovery Through Smelter Slag Flotation in Atacama

 · Copper slag flotation was studied on an industrial scale at a concentrator plant in the region of Atacama Chile This study consisted of the physical chemical and mineralogical characterization of the copper slag along with preliminary flotation tests This article focuses on industrial flotation which consisted of two oneyear campaigns 2022 and 2022


techniques companies are using copper slag to clean large smelting equipment or furnaces Materials like copper slag can be used as one which can reduce the cost of construction Approximately million tons of slag is generated throughout the worldwide Objectives concrete with the partial replacement of fine aggregate by

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For this research work M50 grade concrete was used and tests were conducted for various proportions of copper slag replacement with sand of 0 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% in concrete to study the strength properties compressive strength for curing periods of 7 28 56 90 days Flexural strength and split tensile strength for curing periods of 7 28 days The …

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copper slag cleaning furnace hillsgourmetpizza Copper in the slag is recovered in an electric slag cleaning furnace Minimization of Copper Losses in Copper Smelting Slag During 21 Sep 2022 The electric furnace or rotary slagcleaning furnace are now generally used to perform this task giving a level of copper in discard slag typically Get price

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The working area where molten iron and liquid slag are tapped from the blast furnace is called the cast house A well designed casting shop can improve the efficiency of the blast furnace by reducing the loss of molten iron It also emits less heat and fumes to the surrounding environment thus increasing worker safety

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Copper Slag Cleaning Furnace Development In Custom Gold Processing Line Development In Custom Gold Processing in design gold processing line Unique in the industry is our line of innovative Mobil Placer Ore Processing Plants These plants are particularly versatile and economical for alluvial mining projects Well suited for production and explor >>more …

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Slag Cleaning Furnace Copper rich oxide slags are melted in electric arc furnace where coke and copper pyrite are added to reduce the copper content in the slag copper slag cleaning furnace Slag cleaning furnace RHI AG A well established method of slag cleaning is the Electric Arc Furnace EAF process to clean copper and nickel

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 · Skim the top of the molten copper to remove and slag 10 Using pouring tongs carefully pour the molten copper into your pre heated ingot mould When the ingot has been poured leave to cool down When cool enough it is possible to use tongs to shake the ingot free of the mould and then quench in water Do this away from the furnace work area 11 Clean …

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2022 10 24 · The electric furnace or rotary slag cleaning furnace are now generally used to perform this task giving a level of copper in discard slag typically in the range of wt % and wt % with most plants reporting copper losses in the discard slag in the range of

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Slag and matte from the smelting furnace flow by gravity in a launder to the electric slag cleaning furnace The copper content of the slag is maintained at to percent Cu by maintaining a reducing atmosphere in the slag cleaning furnace The slag then flows by gravity to the converter furnace